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Floating Homes

We can design and build your floating home as well as help you find a mooring. When we have all the information about the design of the floating home and the mooring location we decide the best method to proceed with construction.

How much do they cost?

We design floating homes for the location that they will be situated but we now have our first off the shelf model the Chichester starting at £200,000, please see the Eco Floating Homes page for more information. For us to supply a guide price for your location we need to know the following information.

NB. There is no vat payable on a residential floating home.

Planning permission

It is often very difficult to find out if you require planning permission for the actual floating home. The mooring itself does require planning permission. On most coastal moorings you do not need planning permission for your floating home or houseboat. On the non-tidal part of River Thames, no planning permission is required. On the Chichester Canal you are presently required to submit a planning application for every type of floating home, houseboat, barge or boat.