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Flood Alleviation

The severe floods in December 2015 and January 2016 as well as late 2013 and early 2014 are a stark reminder that many homes have been built on the flood plains, other are susceptible to groundwater flooding and costal erosion which means there are potentially less and less places in which it is safe to build.

It has been estimated that the economic damage during the winter 2015/16 to residential properties was £350 million. Floating homes can really help to be one of the future solutions to reduce the impact of flooding.

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Amphibious Houses

Floating Homes Limited utilise three types of flotation, reinforced concrete hulls, concrete composite using GRC and EPS and FlexBase pontoons using concrete and EPS. Amphibious homes are constructed using a reinforced concrete hull sitting inside a wet dock.

Can Float Houses

Can float homes need to only float occasionally. They utilise concrete composite and a version of the Flexbase flotation but have the added problem that after a flood, when they settle back down they need to be level. We are working on the solutions and need projects in which to incorporate them. Call us on 07970 262505 if you are looking for a way to stop your replacement property flooding.