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My Floating Home - The Chichester

Floating Homes Limited have completed the build of their first prototype buoyant building designed  by Baca Architects. Inspired by canal living, the ‘Chichester’ model is not a houseboat but a house that floats.

The whole build took four months to complete and has a starting price of £200k plus VAT (no vat payable on residential) which includes the interior fit-out but excludes delivery and mooring fees. The ‘Chichester’ offers an appealing lifestyle in either urban or countryside settings. 

The journey Mark & Holly Junak took to realise their dream of living on the water was featured in episode 1 of My Floating Home on More4 which was broadcast on the 15th September 2016. It now available on catch up once again My Floating Home -Episode 1

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We have several partners who have believed and supported this venture, their products are of the highest quality, using the latest in technology and innovations. If you want to find out more of what they provide, see below:

Willow & Hall

Fabulous sofas, sofa beds, bed heads and more. A truly British company with classic, impeccable quality demonstrated throughout the brand. They have a showroom in London and a comprehensive website. For us, their considered application of storage design ideas, fabulous fabrics and attention to detail and service is second to none. All this, and competitively priced - we can't ask for more than that!

Willow and Hall sofas


UK manufacturing of the highest quality is the mark of this window coverings and soft furnishings company. They orginally specialised in marine with beautifully crafted bespoke blinds, but have been so successful they now produce tailored solutions for luxury homes, commercial properties and recreational vehicles. Cleverly engineered in almost any colour or fabric, everything they manufacture is done on their premises in Sussex.

Oceanair window blinds

UPM ProFi Deck

Hard wearing, rain, frost and UV resistant decking that is maintenance free. Add to this the the use of recycled and recyclable materials into a product that is adaptable and easy to fit - for us, this is the only choice. UPM is an award winning global company; forward thinking in sustainability with a strong pedigree for quality, design and engineering.

UPM Decking


Renewable energy has huge potential to become the dominant source of energy in the economy, however the inherent intermittency of most renewable sources represents a huge weakness. It is universally accepted that energy storage is the key to overcoming this. Sunamp designs, produces and sells non-toxic, compact and highly efficient heat batteries that can be used to store heat for a number of applications including many renewable and low carbon technologies. This supplies all the hot water needs for the Chichester.

Sunamp designsSunamp heat battery suppying the hot water for the Chichester floating home

Built Environment & Vent-Axia

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery is the sustainable and eco friendly method of heating and cooling homes. Low carbon, energy saving and clean, these systems negate the need for trickle ventilation whilst noise pollution and heat loss is greatly reduced. Not only this but the changing of air through a heat exchanger removes pollution without draughts.

Built Environment Technoolgy offer a specialist installation service, from detailed specifications and drawings through to supply and site support. Not only this, but they offer ongoing service and maintenance after installation.

Vent-Axia have been at the forefront of ventilation for 75 years, and are a British manufacturer of high repute. Of course they fit the Floating Homes ethos!

Vent-Axia mechanical ventilation unit used in the the Chichester floating home