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Floating Homes News


Floating Homes Ltd & Baca Architects entry Bouyant Starts is one of the winners of the New Ideas for Housing competition  organised by New London Architecture in partnership with Mayor of London. NLA press release


The Chichester prototype floating home

It has taken eleven years but we are pleased to now have our prototype floating home on the water in Chichester. Eco floating home | The Chichester

The programme My Floating Home, episode 1 on MORE4 broadcast on the 15th September featured the construction of our floating home but is no longer on catch up unfortunately.

Floating homes for bluefield sites

Floating Homes Limited specialises in the design and construction of floating and flood resilient housing using newly developed sustainable technologies. We have an excellent understanding of the existing local houseboat and property market in the UK, with over 10 years of experience, working to develop this emerging market needed to cope with the climate changes that are facing us.

We offer expertise & consultation in the feasibility of sites for floating & flood resilient homes, including economical solutions for construction and delivery to the hugely varied inland water, flood prone and marine locations in the UK. We also have extensive knowledge gained from working with several Dutch companies and have obtained exclusivity on proven technologies.


Are you dreaming of owning a residential floating home or floating holiday home? Or maybe considering a floating restaurant or office? At present finding a mooring to site a floating home is probably the most difficult part of the process to living or working on the water but we are optimistic that we can create a new sector of the property market that can unlock the potential of the ever increasing flood zones with safe floating homes, can float homes and amphibious homes with the same security of tenure, warranties, insurance and mortgages.


As each mooring is generally unique, the designs for floating homes, offices and restaurants are based upon the attributes of each site. Pre-planning is very important as to keep a floating structure afloat it has to adhere to Archimedes principle.


In the Netherlands floating home construction usually takes place in factories that have dry docks and then towed to their mooring on the extensive waterways system. In the UK we face a completely different challenge so we have developed composites for a lightweight modular approach to construction.